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Tuesday 07 May


EPDP Code  Function Name  Room Number
  Registration Ballroom Foyer
  Opening Session and Welcome Lecture                                                                                                                    Ballroom 1-3
  Networking Reception Salons Vier Jahreszeiten/Kaunitz


Wednesday 08 MAY




EPDP Code  Function Name  Room Number
  Easy morning yoga session Ballroom 3
English Breakfast Session 5 Ballroom 4
DDF37 Personal Data Protection in the Clinical Trial Disclosure Era: Compliance with EMA Policy 0070 Ballroom 6
MSF6  Why do Drugs and Medicines have Adverse Effects? Ballroom 3
DDA31 Orphan Medicinal Drug Products Salon Bach
PTA6 Scheduling and Proposal Writing: The Clinical Study Protocol and Report Salon Schubert
MCF8a From Clinical Study Report to Manuscript Ballroom 5
DDA28 The Investigational Medicinal Product Dossier: Gateway to Introducing New Drugs in the European Union Salon Kaunitz
MCA8 The Value Story and Global Value Dossier Salon Vivaldi 1
DDA5  The CTD Clinical Overview Salon Vivaldi 2
MDA2 Writing Clinical Evaluation Reports Salon Lehar
DDF33+34c Clinical Study Reports - Mastering the Essential Skills (Double Workshop) Ballroom 4
Expert Seminar Series Session 1  Ballroom 1-2 
  Lunch Restaurant Parlor
  Predatory Journals Ballroom 1-2
PTA14 Building Medical Writing Teams Salon Lehar
DDF36 An Introduction to Clinical Trial Disclosure - the Regulatory Requirements, Industry Commitments, and Protection of Data Privacy and Company Confidentiall Information Salon Schubert
DDF11a Subject Narratives for Clinical Study Reports Ballroom 5
LWF15 Using Readability Tools to Help Edit Biomedical Research Articles Ballroom 6
PTA12 Interpersonal Skills for Medical Writers Salon Bach
PTA2 Do More with Less Faster: Project Management for Biomedical Communications Salon Vivaldi 1
MCF16 Publication Ethics Ballroom 3
LWA12 Master Class: Taxonomic Analysis of Medical Writing Salon Vivaldi 2
MDA1  Literature Reviews for Medical Devices Salon Kaunitz
  Expert Seminar Series Session 2  Ballroom 1-2
  Expert Seminar Series Session 3 Ballroom 1-2
  Annual Meeting Ballroom 1-2








EPDP Code  Function Name  Room Number
  Easy morning yoga session Salon Vivaldi 2
English Breakfast Session 6 Ballroom 4
DDF41 Writing a Clinical Study Protocol Ballroom 4
DDA15b  Writing Development Safety Update Reports Salon Schubert
MCA3a Systematic Reviews Salon Lehar
LWF13+14 Editing and Proofreading Essentials (Double Workshop) Ballroom 6
Symposium Real-World Evidence: A Central Role for Medical Communicators Ballroom 1-3
  Getting into Medical Writing Ballroom 4
  Poster Presentations Ballroom Foyer
  Lunch Restaurant Parlor
  RPD SIG update Salon Vivaldi 1 + 2
  Optimising Biomarker testing to deliver improved outcomes in cancer Ballroom 1 + 2
PTF30a Basics of Medical Statistics for Medical Writers Part 1 Ballroom 5
DDA7 Serving Two Masters: Comparing and Contrasting US and EU Regulatory Submissions Salon Schubert
MDF2 Going from Pharma to Medical Devices Ballroom 4
  Freelance Business Forum Ballroom 1-2
  Editorial Board Meeting               Salon Beethoven 1+2


Friday 10 MAY




EPDP Code  Function Name  Room Number
  Easy morning yoga session  
  English Breakfast Session  Ballroom 4 
  EC Meeting Salon Beethoven 1+2
DDF39 An Overview of Healthy Volunteer Studies Ballroom 4
MSF3 Basics of Epidemiology for Medical Communicators Ballroom 5 
DDF7 Introduction to Pharmacokinetics Ballroom 6
LWF9 Summarising Ballroom 3 
MCF7c Targeting your Audience Salon Schubert
LWF9 Sharpen Up Your Writing Skills Salon Lehar
DDF38a CORE Reference - Clarity and Openness in Reporting: E3-based Salon Kaunitz
DDA30 Addressing Safety in Clinical Study Protocols Salon Bach
DDA10a Introduction to Paediatric Investigation Plan Application Salon Vivaldi 1

Writing Lay Language Summaries of Study Results according to EU Regulation

Salon Vivaldi 2
ESS 4 Ballroom 1 + 2
  Lunch Restaurant Parlor
  Update on the Clinical Trial Disclosure and ICMJE requirements Ballroom 1 + 2
MD SIG update Ballroom 3
PTF4 Medical Writing and Quality Control: Clinical Study Reports Ballroom 3
MCF12 Grant Writing Ballroom 4
MCF3 Creating an Impact with Posters Ballroom 5
DDF32 Introduction to Pharmacovigilance Writing Ballroom 6
LWA14 Master Class - The Medical Journal Article: Section-Specific Distractions Salon Vivaldi 1
DDA29 Medical Writing for Non-interventional and Database Studies Salon Bach
DDA1a Writing Global Submission Dossiers using the Common Technical Document Salon Kaunitz
MCF17a Using Writing Guidelines Salon Vivaldi 2
  EMWA Professional Development Committee drop-in session Salon Lehar
  ESS 5 Ballroom 1-2
  How to work more efficiently in and on your business Ballroom 1-2



saturday 11 May  




EPDP Code  Function Name  Room Number
  English Breakfast Session  Ballroom 4
  EPDC Meeting Salon Beethoven 1+2
  Introduction to Medical Writing Ballroom 4 
PTF19  An Introduction to Marketing for Medical Writers Ballroom 5
DDF2a The Investigator's Brochure Ballroom 6
PTF13 Critical Appraisal of Medical Literature Salon Schubert
MSF12 Bacterial Infections: A Guide for Regulatory Writers Salon Lehar
LWA5b Master Class: Editing English Texts Originating from Non-native Speakers Salon Vivaldi 1
MSF7 Fundamentals of Immunology Salon Kaunitz
DDA24a Clinical Study Reports in Oncology (updated) Salon Vivaldi 2
  How Mindfulness Can Improve Your Medical Writing (and Your Life!) Salon Bach
  Lunch Restaurant Parlor