An update on CORE reference - news, initiatives, and developments

An update on CORE reference - news, initiatives, and developments - Sam Hamilton

4:20 PM - 4:45 PM

CORE Reference is a freely-available ( resource for the reporting of human medicinal trials. Explore the website ( to understand the origins of CORE Reference, and how it addressed an unmet need in facilitating reporting of clinical trials, while retaining the data utility needed to support regulatory decision-making. An essential element is the safeguarding of the privacy of participants. CORE Reference’s primary goals are reducing the time and cost of getting medicines to patients in need. Resource development (2014 to 2016), and post-publication news (from May 2016) is publicised in real time, according to the important tenets of transparency and public disclosure.
In this ESS session, hear how developments with CORE Reference utility in the past year mean that the resource is fulfilling its primary goals. Updates on the use of CORE Reference as a resource in developing global CSR standards will be provided. We will also showcase the website as a living educational resource of value for continuing professional development.